About Us

In the beginning of 2009 they finally got their break and found an excellent location just a few blocks away from their home. After almost a year of designing, construction and training, the Martin family opened the doors to Fiesta Martin Mexican Grill on December 20, 2009. It started off as a small, sit down restaurant offering lunch specials, dinner and delicious “mariscos”. When the doors first opened they had 2 cooks, mom, dad and 5 children working. The kids all had jobs but would come in before and after work to help out. At the time there was not beer or alcohol but the customers continued to come. After about 2 years the beer and wine finally came...customers were loving it! Finally a nice michelada with their shrimp cocktail. The margaritas though, were just not strong enough. In 2014 the full liquor license finally kicked in and the business really took off. Customers were finally able to enjoy a fine meal along with one of their many in house margarita options.

In 2014 also came Fiesta Tacos just four doors down from the original Fiesta Martin. The concept was a bit different but also was an instant hit.

In 2016 the Martin Family opened the doors to Fiesta Martin Bar & Grill. A place where they offer live entertainment, a full bar and even karaoke. This location is much bigger and is ideal for large parties celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or even work related events and fundraisers.

In 2017, Antojitos Martin went from a weekend “pop up shop” to an actual fully established juice and snack shop also here in Inglewood. The family plans to open a second Antojitos Martin location in 2022.

In late 2020 the Martin family plans to open up, Martins Cantina y Cocina a modern, fine dining Mexican restaurant that will also offer late night dancing & live entertainment.

They are very proud, happy and thankful for all of the support from the community, the city of Inglewood and all of their hard working employees. They promise to continue to stay humble and always work hard!